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Sleep Problems

If you are struggling with your child’s sleep problems, we are here to help!

We all need sleep! When your child is not sleeping well, it can have a negative impact on your child’s and your family’s daily life.  When we do not get enough sleep, we can be irritable, lack motivation, and have difficulties concentrating on important tasks. Sleep is essential for our mental and physical well-being. A good sleep also has a positive impact on learning and memory.

It is estimated that 1 out of every 3 typically-developing children experience sleep problems. Sleep problems are even more common in children with special needs – in particular children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is estimated that 80% of children with developmental disabilities experience sleep problems and unlike typically-developing children, they do not tend to outgrow these problems.

We use Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) based techniques to identify the root of the sleep problem and develop an individualized intervention plan to move towards a more positive nighttime routine. We can support you directly with your child’s sleep routine within the convenience of your own home.

Common sleep problems that we support parents with include:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Difficulty remaining asleep throughout the night
  • Sleeping throughout the day
  • Prolonged co-sleeping/inability to sleep on own
  • Nightmares/sleep terrors
  • Bed wetting

To learn more about ABA download the Parent’s Guide from

Contact us today to find out more about how we can support you with your child’s sleep routine.